Tuesday, January 03, 2017


Fundraising pitches from the mainstream Dem organizations have made me want to puke.

A Clinton win would have papered over the obvious, that other than the presidency the Dems have been a disaster since 2010. A Clinton loss means that can't be ignored. You guys (not just the Clinton campaign, but the entire apparatus that has been sucking up all of the money and effort and attention for years) fucked up. State houses, governorships, House Races, Senate Races, unfilled federal judgeships, etc. Lots of blame to go around - thanks, Obama! - but blame isn't really the point. Sure we fucked everything up, but give us more money so we can continue to pay ourselves big salaries,* is not the right way forward. Donald Trump, kaching! is not the right message to send. What can we do, our voters just don't turnout? Fuck the voters, they don't vote for us anyway!

*Lots of people don't get paid huge salaries because DC operates like the rest of the country, exploiting the cheap labor of younger people who due to family background can afford to be exploited.**

**Not all people who fit this description are "rich" in any sense, but they at least have the mom and dad insurance policy if things go bad.