Monday, March 27, 2017


This is what I'm talking about when I say media members (#notallmediamembers) don't understand transit or often don't live in the city (as this reporter doesn't). Once I said something like that and a reporter wanted to know which scandals in my local transit authority I thought they should be covering more. It wasn't the point. The point is that even the best journalists can't write very well or get the importance of things they have no experience with. I don't mean that therefore they can't ever cover such things, I just mean that it's a problem when the majority of "big city" newspaper reporters don't have much experience with typically city things. And, yes, metro area papers cover more than just the city, but decades of writers and their perceived audiences not being from the city really has affected how things are covered. Man rides choochoo:

I’ve never ridden the El before. That was painfully obvious when I tried to buy a token from the man at the token booth. My plan was to ride out to 69th Street then all the way back to toward Center City, past Eighth and Market again, and up to Frankford.