Saturday, May 13, 2017

Credit Where Credit Is Due File

Gotta put something in there occasionally.
SHREWSBURY BOROUGH - Gov. Christie visited the borough on Thursday morning to celebrate the opening of a new Seabrook House outpatient drug and alcohol-treatment facility.

Not everyone was as delighted as the governor was to see the facility opening on White Street, however.

Dozens of protestors chanted and shouted out during the ribbon-cutting ceremony, calling for the facility to be relocated elsewhere and/or for the concerns of parents to be addressed, due to its close proximity to Shrewsbury Borough School.


"The kids in that school, by all the statistics in New Jersey, will need drug and alcohol treatment and you will be the same people who will complain that there's not enough," Christie told the protestors. "This ignorant, NIMBY attitude will not be stood for in New Jersey. ... You can yell as much as you want, but we are going to help people who need to be helped despite your ignorance and your intolerance."