Saturday, May 13, 2017


The NYT picked the wrong moment to run an ad campaign to appeal to anti-Trump fervor and then turn around and shit on all of its new subscribers. BRANDS are tricky, and the wrong move at the wrong moment can tarnish them forever. I'm sure most of the people who work at the New York Times don't like to think of themselves as a BRAND, but just an invaluable service, but they are a BRAND and that brand has always been about making highly educated people think that what other highly educated people did was read the New York Times. And of course those people skew liberal. Suddenly, they're just another outlet that publishes bullshit.

Sure, they always published bullshit. But people accepted that as just the way that newspapers had to be. Some law of the universe that said a few spots on the opinion page had to be reserved for right wing assholes. Then they hired another one.