Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Everybody Dies

I'm good about never wishing it on anyone, even quietly, but I sometimes take comfort in that fact.

This was OK, Brooks went on to explain, because that would mean lower premiums for healthy people who “have done the things to keep their bodies healthy … who have done things the right way.”

Brooks then recognized that some people have medical problems “through no fault of their own” and that society should take care of them, although he didn’t explain how to do that and suggested the matter was “complicated.”

Brooks may have been speaking for himself. Or he may have blurted out what many Republicans think but are loath to say explicitly ― that people with pre-existing conditions should pay more for their health insurance because in many cases their health status is a by-product of their behavior.

...adding, I'm not glad he's going to die one day, just that illness is a hell of an empathy booster.