Tuesday, May 02, 2017


It of course doesn't occur to her that people who have worked on specific issues forever have probably thought about and considered every passing random thought that floats through her melon.

White House officials said Ms. Trump was trying to find a common-sense solution amid the roar of abortion politics. But Planned Parenthood officials said they thought Ms. Trump’s advice was na├»ve, failing to understand how central reproductive choice was to the group’s mission. Ms. Richards sharply criticized Ms. Trump for not publicly objecting to the Republican health care bill that failed in March, and Ms. Trump felt stung.

Speaking generally, Ms. Trump complained in the interview that many advocacy groups were “so wedded to the headline of the issue that sometimes differing perspectives and new information, when brought to the table, are viewed as an inconvenience because it undermines the thesis.”

I love everyone who touts "common-sense solutions." Why did nobody else ever think of that? Just apply some common sense, and all the politics will go away! Really, just a bit of common sense, you are the only person who has any.