Saturday, June 24, 2017

Mini-Fundraiser Final Day!

Thanks to all who contributed. I said a 3 day mini-fundraiser but then I sort of forgot about the last couple of days so, day 3 today! (I didn't really forget I just find these posts hard to write).

People have been complaining about some ads. Annoying auto-on ads aren't supposed to happen, but I don't see the same ads "you" see, so it's hard for me to do anything about them when they do. I did tweak a couple of settings though I'm not sure if that did the trick. If there's a problem, send me a screen shot or if you dare actually click on the ad or otherwise figure out what the landing page is and let me know (that's the easiest way for me to kill these things but I understand if people don't want to click on the ads).