Saturday, June 24, 2017

The DCCC Defense Squad

Once upon a time it seemed to be a rather banal observation that the Democrats (overall, the official party/fundraising structures) were a bit more beholden to and influenced by the rich donor class than they should be. This didn't make them all evil, but the people with the big checks and, even more sadly, David Brooks, were more likely to have their ears than, say, a fast food worker, and even those of us with the best intentions tend to be influenced by those in our social circles.

One doesn't even have to get to corruption to see all of this is rather obvious. That rich people are smart and have all the answers is deeply ingrained in our contemporary discourse, or so I discussed over drinks with Katie Couric, David Koch, Madeline Albright, and David Bradley at the Aspen Ideas Festival. Okay I served them drinks.

This seems to make people Mad now. I don't get it.