Thursday, July 06, 2017

Give To This Blog Instead

Just kidding, of course, but I get enraged when my local Nice Polite Republicans station does pledge drives. Because obvious.

Times are good for the head of Philly’s public media station.

Recently released tax documents show Bill Marrazzo, the president of WHYY, received an increase in compensation of nearly 20 percent, taking his total to the high six figures. His employees, many of whom haven’t seen a substantial raise in years, are questioning whether his gain is a loss for the station.

Marrazzo’s compensation for fiscal year 2016 was $842,832, well over the $703,000 he took home in 2015.

“How much Bill makes is a slap in the face,” one WHYY staffer told Billy Penn. “Coming off of a pledge drive, where we tell our listeners that we need their money to survive, and then to see in the 990 how much goes to executive compensation – it doesn’t feel like it aligns with our mission.”

Other people like NPR more than I do - and that's fine! - but for local people I recommend that next time they beg for money you call and tell them to cut Bill's salary in half and distribute it to the rest of the staff.