Thursday, July 06, 2017

Was It Just 9/11?

I suppose that when I grew up we all had a healthy fear of nuclear annihilation - and not an entirely irrational one - but I don't generally remember the kind of pantswetting fears about our civilizaton crumbling otherwise. Since 9/11 I sense that the Fox news viewing crowd genuinely thinks we're about two more Muslims or Messicans or whichever brown people we're scared of this week crossing the border away from complete destruction. Red Dawn was fun dumb movie but I don't think anyone really feared Soviet invasion, did they? Sure, nukes, but not actual invasion? (Yes we devoted much to the fear of ideological invasion - gotta stop people from listening to commie ideas - but that isn't the same thing).

I dunno. No deep thoughts here. Just don't get what people are so scared about.