Friday, August 18, 2017

Also He's A Coward

I think it was Haberman (author of this article) who made this clear earlier, but the "You're Fired" guy's dirty little secret is that he doesn't have the guts to fire people so he gets other people to do it or informs them via New York Times news alert.

President Trump has told senior aides that he has decided to remove Stephen K. Bannon, the embattled White House chief strategist who helped Mr. Trump win the 2016 election, according to two administration officials briefed on the discussion.

The president and senior White House officials were debating when and how to dismiss Mr. Bannon. The two administration officials cautioned that Mr. Trump is known to be averse to confrontation within his inner circle, and could decide to keep on Mr. Bannon for some time.

...and a twist! These people are all hilarious. I mean, except for the destroying the world part.