Friday, August 18, 2017


I don't even want to get into the debate of whether Lenin Was Just As Bad As Some Bad People. I don't care about these kinds of bong hit arguments generally (was Stalin worse than Hitler??? Actually, did you know people were killed in the AMERICAN REVOLUTION under the command of that revolutionary GEORGE WASHINGTON???), but more to the point Lenin was not a man who committed treason against the United States of America in order to preserve the enslavement of people living here. Also, both of these statues are on private property which isn't the issue* (you might be an asshole for flying your confederate flag, but I am not actually demanding the government ask you to take it down. I am asking the government to take down government-sponsored symbols on public land.) This is just a mayor trying to BOTHSIDES an issue to look Reasonable. On the one side, Democrats love Lenin! On the other, Republicans love Jefferson Davis! BOTHSIDES!!

SEATTLE — Seattle’s mayor wants Fremont’s privately owned Lenin statue taken down, likening it to Confederate monuments as a symbol of “hate, racism and violence.”

A day after a small group led by conspiracy theorist Jack Posobiec called for the statue’s removal, Mayor Ed Murray agreed it should be taken from its spot in the Seattle neighborhood.

The other point is, whatever the merits of Lenin (and I do not care about this argument), he isn't actually beloved by huge numbers of members one of our main political parties. He is not relevant. So the BOTHSIDESING is, as usual, false.

*The public/private distinction is not always clear, as is the case with say, local sports teams which get massive subsidies and have racist symbols.