Thursday, October 05, 2017


Most pundits know nothing about nothing. Include me in that club if you want. That's fine. The hilarious thing is when pundits who know nothing about nothing start questioning whether other people - comedians, talk show hosts, musicians - have the right to express opinions about things. They all might be dumdums - including me - but most pundits are dumdums. That Fox News (or CNN or MSNBC) hired you does not grant you magic knowledge. You're an entertainer. So am I, so is Jimmy Kimmel, so is Samantha Bee, and so is Scott Baio. Love or hate these people but most pundits don't have any authority to criticize them for being pundits... because most pundits are just random people who somehow found a job and an audience (including me!).

Also give me money because I am a better pundit than most of them but I am too lazy to go on teevee even though once upon a time people asked, because being here for you, dear readers, actually takes a lot of time.