Thursday, October 05, 2017

They Get Prizes

I have no real opinion on who should get the Nobel Prize in Literature. I don't read enough (some!) and I certainly don't read enough writers who do not write in English (some, but translation is weird). The universe of authors is too big for me to claim to have a handle on. I think the universe of authors is too big for most people to have handle on, but most educated people read a novel now and then so they feel entitled to opine. Give it to Updike! claims every annoying middle aged suburban white guy (Updike is horrible, also he's dead so it's too late). I don't know who should get the prize for physics, either.

I have actually read every single Ishiguro (I realize he is an English language author in case you think this post suggests otherwise) book except the latest one. I am a bad book reviewer but I've long liked him for various reasons, one being that his style does not stay the same. The Unconsoled is postmodern weirdness. The Remains of the Day is a stiff upper lip English novel. Never Let Me Go is dystopian sci-fi.