Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Not About Oprah

This wasn't a criticism of Oprah, or even a "Oprah can't run for president!!!!" kind of statement. I respond similarly when liberals get excited about "The Rock" running for president. To the extent that it isn't a bit of a joke (which is fine)...um, guys? All evidence says The Rock is, if anything, a Republican. Though more importantly, whatever he was in the past or considers himself to be...what is The Rock's position on, well, anything?

I would be shocked if Oprah decided she was a Republican. I'm not saying that. I just mean...we like Oprah, so she should be president is...really not good. Oprah can run like anybody else and I look forward to subscribing to her newsletter and getting a better sense of what Benevolent Dictator Oprah would be like. Right now I have no idea and nor do most people. But's she's Oprah! shouldn't be enough. That's why it's annoying.

I'd respond the same to numerous other celebrities (I dunno, Tom Hanks maybe?) who we all probably rightfully sense are basically Democrats and maybe decent enough human beings but who, aside from some basic platitudes, or maybe on an issue or two, haven't really expressed views on anything that matters.