Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Self-Driving Delivery Trucks

I often see people talk about using self-driving vehicles for deliveries and I wonder if their brains are broken.

Toyota and Pizza Hut teamed up to announce a partnership that could have the latter delivering hot and fresh pizza to your door without a driver. At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) today, Toyota revealed its autonomous concept vehicle, the e-Palette, a vehicle that may one day not only deliver, but cook Pizza Hut offerings en route.

First let's talk "delivery." Unless it comes to my door, it isn't delivery. If I have to put on my boots and winter coat to go fetch it, then it isn't delivery.

So, OK, it can be self-driving (if it works) with... a worker. I really don't think the additional capital expenses and complications would make that worth it. Maybe in the future!!!

I've seen people argue that it will let people who don't have cars be that worker. Um, you can just have a company fleet for that. No need for it to be self-driving.

So the point is...? I have no idea what the point is. Some ideas are just stupid. Maybe it gets free press. Probably that's the point.