Saturday, June 30, 2018

Baba Booey

Busy trying to explain this to 1989 me.

But President Trump, who likes to field his own telephone calls and prefers spontaneity to protocol, is a different breed. So on Wednesday, when a radio shock jock and comedian dialed the White House switchboard impersonating a United States senator’s aide, he found himself — in between barely suppressed giggles and off-color jokes with his producer — patched through to Mr. Trump on Air Force One.

The result was an impromptu six-minute conversation on immigration and the Supreme Court between the president and the radio host and comedian John Melendez, known to his listeners as “Stuttering John.”

I love how the NYT times paints this as just some cutesy thing with that funny Mr. Trump instead of a colossal fuckup by boy blunder, Jared, and the whole nightmare operation.

What could go wrong?

Melendez was pissed because media outlets wouldn't run with the story at first. I'm curious about that.

(yes I know Gary Dell'Abate is Baba Booey)