Thursday, July 26, 2018

The Least Surprising Thing Ever

I am not shocked.

In his writing, at least, Chait seems generally aware of the stakes of a Trump presidency. He’s previously made reference to Trump’s “crazy, racist beliefs.” He’s pointed out that “the human toll of the cruelty [of Trump’s policies] has horrified immigration-rights activists.”

But in the New York meeting, he was glibber. “He compared the situation to Jerry Seinfeld’s bit about how, from the back seat of a cab, the whole world outside becomes entertainment,” the New York magazine staffer explained. “He said he’s deadened his emotions to a point where he doesn’t get emotionally involved with the Trump situation.”

According to the staffer, Chait said with a laugh: “Maybe that makes me a sociopath.” Some of the employees in attendance said the group was stunned by Chait’s response; others were less surprised to hear this sentiment come from a self-described disenfranchised white man.

His explanation is bullshit (click the link) because of course some things always make him very mad, like the Oberlin Student Council.