Thursday, July 26, 2018

The Other Guy Will Be As Bad As Jim Jordan

I mean, probably. Whoever runs the Republicans in the House next year (hopefully not actually as Speaker!) will be equally horrible in their politics as Jim Jordan, and I don't know enough about any of them to know who will be more adept at their horrible politics, which is something I would care about (the worse the better!). But I still hope that the Republicans - for the sake of decency, not for the country, and not for liberalism - do not elect the guy simply because I am a snowflake empathetic virtue signalling social justice warrior libturd who thinks that maybe it's bad if someone in a position of responsibility who let this stuff happen is rewarded? It isn't as if letting old dudes masturbate to your wrestling team in the sauna is some sort of partisan issue. Well, I didn't think so? I thought it was roughly on the list of the few things that ChuckandMitch could agree was bad while having a beer after a hard day's work in the world's greatest deliberative body? Or something.