Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Chasing Buses

Reporting on collisions between cars and pedestrians/cyclists is almost always horrific.

JUST IN: Georgia college student killed after his bicycle hits university bus

Wow his bicycle hit a bus! Sort of hard to even picture that, but he must have been at fault somehow then!

Just before 10:15 a.m., 21-year-old Logan Jones of Milledgeville was traveling east on the sidewalk next to Hancock Street, Georgia State Patrol said in a news release. The bus was also traveling east on the street and was approaching the intersection with Clark Street while the traffic light was green.


The bus made a right turn onto Clark Street, and Jones’ bicycle didn’t stop, hitting the passenger side of the bus, the release said. Jones fell off the bike and was struck by the rear wheels of the bus.

The cyclist was crossing with the green, and the bus driver made a right turn into an intersection on that same green and hit someone in that intersection. What the hell is with "Jones' bicycle didn't stop, hitting the passenger side of the bus." The Bus drove into him!

The guy was riding in the sidewalk. My point is not to condemn the bus driver, but... you know, as reported, if anybody is at fault it is the bus driver who made a right turn and slammed into somebody who was traveling straight with the light. Not "bicycle hits university bus." Jeebus.