Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Speaking Of Things That Were Predicted

Dem charter advocates mostly went silent a few years ago as reality caught up with them. All of this was perfectly predictable.
After more than 20 years of growth nationally, it is noteworthy that some of the trend lines for charters are on the decline. This experiment with deregulation has resulted in massive corruption, fraud and diminished learning opportunities for young people.

As a state monitor, I observed a number of incompetent people serve as charter school administrators because Ohio state law has no minimum educational requirements nor any professional licensing prerequisites for school leaders.

In addition, numerous conflicts-of-interest, including a board member serving as landlord and management companies charging exorbitant rents for properties conveniently used for charter schools, are only part of the problem of the charter experiment.
Teachers unions are bad... so what if we just throw lots of money at unaccountable for profit companies with minimal oversight! Because freedom! I see no problems with this approach at all.