Thursday, February 28, 2019


Jonah Goldberg is setting up an exciting new conservative magazine which everyone will pretend is "journalism" and anything else Jonah Goldberg ever did was "journalism" and then wonder why angry people on twitter (otherwise known as "the readers") sometimes get confused when journalists swing the other way and decide "real journalism" is only like war zone coverage or investigative journalism instead of just farting nonsense into the NPR microphone. (Serious Journalism only happens at the New York Times. Now let me, a New York Times reporter, go degrade my brand by being on a roundtable with other serious journalists Jonah, Diamond, Ben Domenech, and Laura Ingraham.)

Ideological and opinion journalism are real things that can be "journalism" but Jonah Goldberg writing and speaking uninformed nonsense is not but he is regularly called a "journalist" and his new venture will be referred to as "journalism" even though the only journalism it will ever have, and little of that, will be running selective oppo research, James O'Keefe style, verbatim. Also, too, there's a reason O'Keefe genuinely believes what he does is "journalism" when that is what all "conservative journalism" is, on the rare moments it looks like journalism, even if it is not always quite so obvious and brazen.