Thursday, February 28, 2019

Run Against That

The biggest political malpractice of Democrats since Clinton was not making it clear that they were the party of Social Security. Embracing deficit fetishism, flirting with privatization, fearmongering about the Trustees report, Simpson-Bowles wankery, obsession with Grand Bargains. "We must cut benefits so that they don't cut benefits" was the basic mantra even when I was in grad school, the kindest interpretation of which meant that the cuts would be slightly less and fall less on the poorest of seniors.

Also, too, there are no "Grand Bargains." The idea that you cut a deal and take an issue off the table forever (also the fantasy with abortion for a long time) is stupid. Pass something, and they come back the next day for more. Which they should! And, you know, "we" should.