Friday, June 21, 2019

Summer Fundraising Funstravangza!

I used to feel a bit weird "begging" for money as it somehow seemed unseemly, but everyone knows that you can't run a publication off of advertising anymore. Call it "reader support" call it a "subscription" call it "why does my local NPR executive make close to a million per year?" call it "no billionaire patron for me" money but the brief period were people on the internet could make things happen solely with ads is pretty much over. For awhile the "increasingly aggressive ads" worked a bit but I skipped that phase because who can deal with that. Thanks google and facebook. It was fun while it lasted. The traffic on this site has been pretty stable for years so it isn't that nobody is reading anymore.

What this blog does, or at least what it is for, has changed over time. Probably much more about keeping a community together than any particular smart thing I have to say. A lot more competition in the "liberal asshole" space on the internet, which is a good thing! Smarter people than me. Still we have a bit of fun here.

Consider a donation/contribution/subscription/screw you zuckerberg whatever you want to call it. If not, another exciting post will appear shortly.

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