Friday, June 21, 2019

The Threat Of Iran

I've asked this before and people have provided explanations, but as is often they case they're all *different* explanations. That doesn't make them wrong, it just means that it's complicated and while we can point to this and that it still, to me, doesn't quite add up. Why is it the conventional wisdom (not that it's true) of almost every person in the orbit of the US government that Iran is some big threat that we constantly need to deal with to the point where we are always close enough to war that all it takes it one right bureaucratic move from John Bolton to make it happen? As I said I've asked this question before so I'm not really looking for the same answers again. It's a rhetorical question.

The right response from Dems in power and presidential wannabees is "this is fucking stupid do not do this." Not "oh the president needs to go to Congress." Or "oh President Trump is not the *right man* to run a war" which he isn't but if a war can just wait until he's out of office than maybe we don't need war?