Tuesday, August 27, 2019

A Piece Of Work

Bretbug's email to the professor would have been just stupid and funny. Mockable, but not much more than that. But that he actually cc:'d the provost - close enough to being your "boss" when you are tenured faculty - shows what a demented authoritarian he is. What's the point of being a Pulitzer Prize Winning Columnist for an elite newspaper if *just anybody* can say mean things about you? That's blogofascism!!! What a fucking wanker.
Do note that Stephens is now aware that the entire Internet thinks he’s a bedbug. “He wrote a followup email to me after seeing this go viral, which just said, ‘Dear Dr. Karpf, you’re a real piece of work,’” Karpf said. But not as much work as bedbugs, which take multiple visits from a pest control operator and a small lifetime of laundering to eradicate for good.

On Tuesday morning, Stephens appeared to concede that he’d lost the argument, announcing that he was getting off Twitter forever.