Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Who Cares

The thing with Bretbug isn't just that he's a conservative baby man behaving like a big baby. Nothing new there. It's that he is one of the prominent "COLLEGE LIBERALS HATE FREE SPEECH" conservatives, which is a tough trick because they're all on that beat. Bret's on that beat more than most because he only has 3 column ideas that he cycles through. Summer - a quieter time on college campuses, so to speak - must be hard for him if he doesn't at least get July off. He writes stuff like this all the time.
The signature move in each of these instances (and there are so many more) is to allege an invisible harm in order to inflict an actual one. In place of an eye for an eye, we have professional destruction for emotional upset. Careers and reputations built over decades come to ruin, or nearly so, on account of a personal mistake or a disfavored opinion.

All of these struggle sessions play to the sound of chortling twenty-somethings, who have figured out that, in today’s culture, the quickest way to acquire and exercise power is to take offense. This is easy to do, because the list of sins to which one may take offense grows with each passing year, from the culturally appropriated sombrero to the traditionally gendered pronoun.
And then tries to get a guy in trouble with the boss for calling him a bedbug on the internet.

What a shitty person.