Sunday, December 22, 2019

Bad Santa

This time of year I am always reminded about when Lou Dobbs got mad at the movie Bad Santa because he thought it was about the "real" Santa (no there is no real Santa, try to follow along) being bad instead of a version of the usual trope of a mall Santa being bad and...
And 75 years ago today, Mickey Mouse first appeared on the silver screen. Now, normally, the last thing I would want to do is a movie review. But this is more of a corporation and brand name review. The same company that has given us all Mickey Mouse and Snow White is just about, in my opinion, to destroy its reputation with one movie. The movie is "Bad Santa." It's to be released by the Disney subsidiary Miramax next week.

It features a booze-crazed, thieving, skirt-chasing version of good old Saint Nick. Instead of climbing down chimneys and delighting youngsters all around the world, this Kris Kringle is more interested in picking up chicks and shouting profanities at kids. It's an unthinkable, in my opinion, assault on the senses and certainly an assault on the sensibilities of all that's wonderful about a cherished childhood icon.

Billy Bob Thornton R-rated Santa is so vile, so vulgar, we can't even hint about some of the things that he does on a family broadcast like this. And I can't imagine Disney doing more to dishonor its heritage, its brand and its audience. Michael Eisner, simply put, you should be ashamed. That's our show for tonight. We thank you for being with us.