Sunday, December 22, 2019


Smartphones changed "everything." I'll grant that. They were a big disruptive technology. Still changing everything.

But that's pretty rare. OK the internet before them. Um... transcontinental flights? Television? Automobile? Radio? Phones? Electricity? Telegraph? Trains? Not ranking these things, just throwing them out there are genuine "changed bigly" technologies. Otherwise... very few things are that disruptive.

Something like Uber... didn't change everything. A minor innovation in taxis. Change, sure, just not DISRUPTION.

Lots of things like that these days. Combination of techno-utopianism and venture capital unicorn seeking. GONNA CHANGE EVERYTHING. Usually not. Especially funny when they really are reinventing existing things. Like laundry service with an app! The 35th reinvention of the bus. That kind of thing.