Sunday, December 22, 2019

Source Cultivation

It's pretty obvious that some really bad people in the Trump administration are (and were) the favorite sources of journalists, even over and above the basic "well, they're all bad" caveat. And it's also really obvious that such sources are given a somewhat different kind of coverage than they would otherwise be. AND it's rather obvious that elite journalists didn't care when the press conferences got cancelled because a) Suckabee Handers was one of their favorite sources/friends/pals/guests at their wedding and b) because LOL press conferences are for losers without Suckabee Handers in their favorite contact list.

I'm not going to pretend I have a handle on all the ethics of "beat sweetening" but I'm reasonable sure the ethics involve a tradeoff in which valuable information might be elicited at a later date, not simply "I GET TO TO BE SUCKABEE HANDERS FAVORITE PRESS RELEASE OUTLET."

Suckabee is gone, of course, but Stephen Miller is there. And he's a Nazi!