Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Filling Me Up With Your Rules

The sad thing is "Operation: Pretend There's No Pandemic" will work surprisingly well. 750 deaths a day? 1000? 2000? Even at these high numbers, unless there's an massive outbreak in a location where the guardians of our discourse live (New York, DC, their pandemic 2nd home locations), or a massive outbreak among beloved celebrities (we already used up Hanks), simply not acknowledging it can make it retreat from "our" beautiful minds. Not that it's ever evenly distributed this way, but even 3000 deaths per day would be, roughly, 1 per county per day, 365 per county per year, small enough for most of us not to notice if the Fake News Lieberal Media isn't pointing it out.

Of course that's a million per year, but, hey, a small sacrifice for stonks, and do not underestimate the number of powerful people who truly believe this is the great culling society needs.