Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Still Dyin'

I am not smart talking public health guy, but after all these months what "needs" to be done is obvious, even if it won't be perfect and it won't be fun. Right now it isn't perfect and it isn't fun - much less perfect but not really more fun than what needs to happen - and more people are dying and as hospitals fill up again, the misery if not the mortality will rise, and on and on.

Like many things, it wouldn't be that expensive (or wouldn't have to be) and it wouldn't be that hard, but even aside from Trump, features of our dumb country make even the simple necessary things seem unimaginable. I mean, I can't believe there's some sort of "debate" about whether a hypothetical vaccine would be free for everyone, or just free for some people. Maybe the pulic benefits of government aren't *always* obvious over and above the private benefits, but the benefits of vaccinating everyone as soon as possible are pretty damn obvious! Even the Galt goers should be able to see this!

Our dumb country.