Tuesday, October 27, 2020

You Could Have Listened To Me

I am skeptical about self-driving cars *in general* for reasons I have been boring you with, but even if I am wrong about that I am not wrong that Musk is a con artist and he will not be the one to deliver it with in house Tesla technology.
“I find (FSD) terrifying,” said Bill McGuire, who purchased a Tesla Model 3 in early September. He has serious concerns about the technology and the way he feels Tesla is promoting it, telling NBC News he feels "the branding is a lie, or at least a complete contradiction” because it actually can’t be driven without close human supervision.

For the moment, Musk said the full self-driving beta release is going out to a “small number of people who are expert and careful” drivers.”

That tweet was four years ago, and it never happened.

Also, too.

"Summons" was supposed to be your parked car driving to you, like it was KITT. I could post stuff like that all day.