Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Busy Couple Of Decades

9/11, the financial crisis and Great Recession, and covid.

Other things, but those are the sort of (if not completely) random hit by a hurricane type events (we could add in some actual hurricanes, of course), not the things we chose to do (like Iraq). I was going to make another point, but as I teed this up it occurred to me that for people not directly affected by the worst of Trump's policies, and for people who aren't cursed with the hobby of paying attention to the horror that is The Politics Show, the 3 years of his administration before covid were a pretty good time. No I am not saying you have to hand it to him, I'm just saying that it's a reasonable explanation for how he almost won (the electoral college, at least).

The simplest lesson is... full employment is good, and the economists tasked with advising on how to achieve it instead fought it for decades (they tend to fight it more when Democrats are in charge). And they still are.