Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Why Aren't Some Schools Opening

When the second sentence refutes the first.
Scientists and doctors who study infectious disease in children largely agreed, in a recent New York Times survey about school openings, that elementary school students should be able to attend in-person school now.
Wow that's great! Continuing to the second sentence.
With safety measures like masking and opening windows, the benefits outweigh the risks, the majority of the 175 respondents said.
All we need are "safety measures like masking and opening windows." Ah, yes, "windows that can open and provide adequate ventilation," a thing that every school has in the era of school shootings, totally, especially in winter.

I actually don't have strong opinions about or claim expert knowledge of school opening issues, I just know that there are lots of places with 30+ kids to a small class, inadequate-to-nonexistent circulating HVAC systems, and windows that open barely or not at all.

But new fans!

We constantly have journalism with this reasoning:

If I had some ham,
I could make a ham sandwich,
if I had some bread
The only thing stopping me from eating this lovely ham sandwich is unions.
And maybe there are some schools that could be opening safely that aren't! I have no idea. But there are plenty that cannot, quite obviously, if they have to meet these criteria.