Tuesday, August 24, 2021

The Start Of An Ever Closer Union

Terf Island rediscovers the joys of uniform standards accepted by a broad geographic area.
Business leaders had said that forcing them to meet new UK rules, which will at first duplicate EU product standards, would come with significant cost at a delicate moment for the economy.

CE markings are required for a wide range of consumer products, from laptops to table lamps and hairdryers.

Ministers argue the UKCA mark will allow the UK to control its goods regulations while maintaining high safety standards. However, many businesses say the changes will force them to fill in reams of additional paperwork or make changes to their production lines, as manufacturers selling goods in both the EU and the UK will be forced to follow two regimes.

We can have our own standards! that no one else will accept.

Obviously the goal was to not actually maintain the same high stafety standards, becasuse Regulation Is Bad, but when the consequence is France won't let you sell your shit...