Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Diner Safaris

Perhaps the most frustrating things about all the reporter diner safaris during the Trump years is that clearly the reporters weren't actually interesting in presenting an accurate picture of Trump voters. Most of it was just Salena Zitoish reporting, presenting a fantasy version of The Trump Real Americans with some vox pop quotes to support whatever narrative the reporter wanted to tell.

Very few political reporters actually listen to what "the people" have to say, and come at these type of things with a pre-scripted narrative they slot some quotes into. Don't know why their publications bother with the travel budgets.

The other frustrating thing is, of course, that they spent four years focusing on the support for an unpopular president, instead of his critics and victims.

Dave's joking and Marin County isn't really representative of Biden' s support, but if they ever do start the Biden "Diner Safaris," they will focus on wealthy white people in fancy places because, well, that's The Narrative.

(Dave actually does actually talk to voters and listen to them).