Tuesday, August 24, 2021

What's It All About Then

Back during the peak years of our Glorious Post-9/11 Imperial Adventures, pundits wrote many more columns excoriating the "naysayers" who would point out what was going wrong than they did ever expressing concern about the progress.

Clap Louder! The only thing stopping glorious democratic utopias from emerging are the Negative Nancies with their treasonous blogs! Stop being a downer! The schools! The painted schools!

Obviously what it was all about was a willingness to sacrifice entire populations in part to score political points and Own The Left, back before we called it Owning The Left. I mean, we could see you all doing it, publicly, in the pages of our finest periodicals and on premier Sunday television public affairs shows. We could see that none of you cared one bit the people in Afghanistan and Iraq or anywhere else.

After 2 decades of studiously ignoring the reality of what "we" created and presided over in Afghanistan, failing to ever bother to even mention the ongoing carnage and immense corruption, don't expect me to believe any of you give a shit now.

There are people who care, of course, but they aren't the Blob Guys In Suits from the Raytheon Sponsored Think Tank on the Boeing Sponsored Premier Public Affairs Television Program. Or their numerous journalist friends.