Tuesday, November 16, 2021


I've said this before (I do this all day every day, I've said everything I have to say before), but I find the lack of techno-utopianism that was present in the last decade to be notable. It really was the phones, then. They're neat! Very useful! But there was this sense that apps on location pinpointing-enabled devices would save the world, so we got Uber and then "Uber for... everything."

We invented the bus several times! (This was just Uber... but slightly different).

Lots of things were labeled "tech" just because they had some Silicon Valley VC money behind them, and many things were like "a juicer...with an app!"

Largely silly and hardly world-changing, but the optimism was at least somewhat refreshing. Even iPhone "rumors" were things like, "the next phone will read your mind!" instead of, "oh, hey, a better camera." A better camera is great! But the sense that there's something world-changing just around the corner is missing.

Yes there's Facebook's virtual reality world, but that's techno-dystopianism from 1993.