Thursday, December 02, 2021


When red states to bad things, there's the inevitable call for boycotts, and then the inevitable backlash to the boycotts (you're not helping, you're just punishing the people who aren't responsible). 

I don't run a big company, but if I did I couldn't in good conscience put an employment center of my company in a state where women couldn't receive necessary and proper medical care.

(I am not dumb, I am not claiming CEO's consciences drive many decisions)

And even if you're wrong and you don't think abortion itself is "necessary and proper medical care," once the supposed interests of the fetus are more important than the health and life of women, women will be unable to get treatment for their own health problems if "might disturb the fetus" is a concern.

Women already can barely step in a doctor's office without getting a pregnancy test, though that's for insurance/malpractice reasons mostly now. "Can't treat you, might hurt the fetus" will become the norm.