Monday, December 06, 2021

Oh, Elon

Long article in that fucking newspaper about Tesla, here's a funny bit.
Hardware choices have also raised safety questions. Within Tesla, some argued for pairing cameras with radar and other sensors that worked better in heavy rain and snow, bright sunshine and other difficult conditions. For several years, Autopilot incorporated radar, and for a time Tesla worked on developing its own radar technology. But three people who worked on the project said Mr. Musk had repeatedly told members of the Autopilot team that humans could drive with only two eyes and that this meant cars should be able to drive with cameras alone.
Two eyes are attached to a very big brain with memory, and as neato as Tesla's computers might be, they're basically reacting moment to moment without any kind of model of the future or memory of the past.

At 75mph your big brain has a reasonable chance of realizing that police car up ahead is actually parked in the lane in time to stop, based on the input from your eyes and your big brain. Not the car computer. More "senses" can provide extra information to supplement the limitations of the car computer.