Monday, January 24, 2022


I don't have any conception of myself as a particular nice person. No handing out the shirts off my back on a regular basis. But I am just constantly amazed at the amount gratuitous cruelty, especially when it's cloaked in the transparently bullshit language of humanitarian concern.

I suppose I should stop being surprised after living through the era of, "the real racists are the people who don't want to bomb the shit out of Iraq," and "we need to plunge the Middle East into endless chaos because, um, George Bush is a big supporter of gay rights" and nonsense like that. The ability of the most obviously nasty, cruel people on the planet to declare that they are the true beacons of light and generosity, and have lots of people seem to genuinely agree with them, is quite stunning!

The real villains are bus drivers who don't want to work for $8/hour while they have covid. They hate children, you see. And we care so so deeply about the children, as we do any time there's an opportunity to use them as an excuse to crush other people.