Sunday, January 30, 2022


Many friends and others in my wider circle of awareness (people's family members, friends of friends, that kind of thing) got Covid since Omicron showed up, and for most of them, it really sucked and still sucks! Not put-them-in-the-hospital sucked, but put-them-out-of-commission-for-a-month sucked, some with various lingering symptoms even longer.

Missing from the COVID IS OVER discourse is most people just can't afford to be out of commission for a month! They can't afford to miss work! They don't have sick days! They can't just write hot takes at home while being a little under the weather! They can't afford it spreading through their families!

Just this bizarre insistence that either you go to the hospital or it's not big deal when for many people it's a big deal, especially as all the support has been pulled largely because the people in and out of the administration insisting on "back to normal" demanded it!

As I've said, I've hardly lived in isolation throughout this, but I do things like "wear masks indoors" and "avoid, somewhat, large gatherings of people" so that I can, actually, live normally! And I am one of those people who isn't going to lose my job/income if I get sick.