Monday, January 10, 2022

Let Her Rip

If that was going to be the plan, they should have planned, instead they did... not plan.

Going to be a lot of ass covering and excuse making and NUH UH WHAT COULD THEY DO. Yes you go to the pandemic with the shitty system you have, not the one you want, but part of the reason to be cautious is that we do, indeed, have a shitty system.

The genius rich guy in the nice suit needs to work around the obstacles, not ram his head into them and say "oh well, nothing to be done."

"We" all knew almost 2 years ago that the reason you slow things down, even if it does nothing but *slow things down*, was to prevent the collapse of the health system and society's infrastructure generally.

When did "we" forget that?

Now they're telling infected health care workers to just go to work.

Just amazing.

They still might get lucky! But it's not looking good at the moment.... (Source)