Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Living With Covid

Ultimately this "debate" isn't about mandates which don't exist and aren't going to, it's about pushing the notion that anyone who thinks there should be some sort of collective response - including, for example, sick days and unemployment benefits for health care and service workers - is a complete lunatic.

"We" were too generous in 2020, and we should never repeat it. The people who work for "us" need to fucking get back to it, sick or not. All the Very Serious People agree.

That's the "living with Covid" debate. And they don't like the result, which is that their happy fun time places aren't as fun as they should be, that sick people can't actually clean their bedpans, that even many in their peer group can't afford this shit, but that, too, is just the fault of the lunatics who aren't expressing happiness adequately for them.

The cost of getting sick is pretty high for people who can't afford it! It is not surprising that this is mysterious to these pampered assholes.

Just a bunch of sociopaths for whom the world is just a stage for other humans to perform on for their entertainment or otherwise serve them.