Friday, January 28, 2022

More Reaping

The "covid is over" folks have been as damaging to public welfare as the vocal anti-vaxxers, and no less dishonest, as their efforts ensured that the public response to covid was, after vaccines, over. "Living with covid" should have meant a robust public reponse to help people live with it, even if the mildest transmission mitigation strategies were considered infeasible/unwise, but instead it meant "shut the fuck up and go to work."

Better late than never (way too late, really).

The White House is exploring a push for a coronavirus-related paid leave program akin to that enacted in an earlier round of pandemic relief, three people familiar with the conversations said Thursday.
Substackers, podcasters, and New York Times newsletter writers don't have to worry about sick pay the way normal people do, of course (nor me, I'm just not sociopath and I get it!).

This was just 3 weeks ago. Just absolute "fuck you, serfs, get back to work" energy.

And a senior Biden administration official poured cold water on any further stimulus at this time, leaving the possibility open to some relief for restaurants.

"No. There might be something small for restaurants. But the economy is booming, there are millions of open jobs, and we do not believe people should be sitting at home if they are vaccinated and boosted, as most adults are," the senior official said when asked if additional stimulus legislation was being taken seriously.