Saturday, January 08, 2022

The End Of Work

"The robots are coming" was a trend thing for awhile, heartily embraced by all the smartest boys on the internet. It was always dumb; automation has of course been ongoing forever but there was no imminent technological leap which was going to change everything, or even much at all. There was no reason to think the pace of automation was increasing.

Self-driving cars were the specific around-the-corner technology that got everyone the most excited, and if you believed in them you could've and should've believed in a lof of possibilities. It was just wrong.

Maybe get some of those robots into the classroom!*

*(A tangential thing is how the very same people who were shilling for course-in-a-box MOOCs destroying education as we know it are now freaking out about the evils of remote learning. And, yes, they can actually be wrong both times!)