Monday, January 24, 2022

The Excluded Perspective

I don't think the magnitude of the effect that excluding the perspectives of not just THE LEFT or people of color, but of even middle of the road white suburban democrats, from political coverage has on the people in power is appreciated enough. Senators open up their New York Times and all they see are puff pieces about Nazis, endless reports on "normal Americans," the views of Republican operatives pretending to be former Obama voters, etc.

I'm not even really exaggerating, here. "People mad at Democrats" because their 7600 gallons of milk per week costs $.87 more get constant coverage, and people benefitting from the child tax credit, or whatever, get none at all.

People angry about mild mask requirements, FRONT PAGE, people glad for them as they can leave the house a bit more comfortably, nowhere.

Fascists, lovable! People who don't like fascists, CANCEL CULTURE!