Monday, January 17, 2022


How does Zients keep his name out of everything.*
The agency’s director, Dr. Rochelle P. Walensky, has sometimes skipped much of the traditional scientific review process, most recently in shortening the isolation period for infected Americans.

... In recent interviews, some officials at the C.D.C. privately described the decisions as demoralizing, and worried about Dr. Walensky’s increasing reliance on a small group of advisers and what they saw as the White House’s heavy political influence on her actions.

Yet others outside the agency commended Dr. Walensky for short-circuiting a laborious process and taking a pragmatic approach to managing a national emergency, saying she was right to move ahead even when the data was unclear and agency researchers remained unsure.

These types of stories are ass covering by interested parties and it probably isn't fair to blame JUST the White House or JUST Walensky or JUST the rest of the CDC (but perhaps all 3).

But if you're going to feed some workers into the wood chipper FOR SOCIETY, you should figure out how to compensate them, just not hide behind bullshit to do it.

But the recommendation had an important advantage: It could help keep hospitals, businesses and schools afloat through the worst of the Omicron surge.


*There is an obvious answer to this question, but it's an exercise left to the reader.