Friday, January 07, 2022

We're Supposed To Get Flu Shots Every Year

I continue to be mystified by why "strategies for living with Covid" seems to be: suck it and up deal and expect absolutely nothing from the government, while actual strategies for living with Covid are painted as unreasonably costly and infringements on LIBERTAH.
Instead, one’s vaccination status will now be “up to date” — or not. It’s no surprise that many Americans are wondering: Where does this end? Are we to roll up our sleeves for booster shots every few months?

“It’s not unheard-of to give vaccines periodically, but I think there are better ways than doing boosters every six months,” said Akiko Iwasaki, an immunologist at Yale University. Other strategies, she said, could “get us out of this forever-boosting kind of a situation.”

Humbled repeatedly by a virus that has defied expectations, scientists are reluctant to predict the future. But in interviews this week, nearly a dozen said that whatever happens, trying to boost the entire population every few months is not realistic. Nor does it make much scientific sense.

The "better way" is... wait for a shot that works better! And, um, ok, sure, if one is on the way! Along with my pony!

The Discourse (elite journalists combined with at least some people in the Biden orbit) is painting people with actual strategies for living with covid (masks, shots, occasionally closing the Face Licking parties down, provide economic support for people) as unrealistic fanatics who don't want to leave their houses until we reach Covid Zero, and people whose solution is "do absolutely nothing" as people With Bold Strategies For Living With Covid.

The White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, told reporters she had not read the articles, and dismissed a question about whether the president “is coming around to accepting” that Covid-19 is here to stay, even though several recent media accounts suggested that the administration was beginning to operate under that assumption. Mr. Biden’s recent emphasis on keeping schools open and businesses running even when cases are soaring also suggests a recalibration, as does a recent decision by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to recommend that people with Covid isolate for five days instead of 10.
These articles are from some "just suck it up" health advisers, including Zeke Emanuel who is a total psychopath along with his brother. Culling the old people has been a bonus as he hopes to die "at 75." Covid is the Logan's Run solution he's been dreaming of.

11 years to go, my man! A bit closer than 19 when he wrote it!

All very similar to teachers making completely sensible demands, and pointing out the consequences of not doing so, as being painted as the lunatics.

Omicron might quickly pass, but I guess we get to learn, again, that "it's the virus, stupid." "Measures" don't shut things down, people getting sick and fearing being sick do, and yelling at people to return to the face licking factories doesn't help much.

We'll know better next time!